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Skin is the largest part and organ of your body and taking care of it is the easiest thing to do. All it asks to keep it clean and maintain the hygiene. But we are all careless and this pandemic is teaching the right ways to live again and in the healthiest ways to live. We and you have heard the news that this virus can get through hands and even the openings of your face and that is why you need to keep yourself covered at all times and make sure that you get no touch at all. 

But is all that enough, keeping covered is another thing and keeping yourself clean is totally different. You can clean your hands but is cleaning or washing your face with a soap enough? No, it is not and that is why you need the best face wash for oily skin or the best face mask. If you are new at buying a face wash, then worry not because we are here to guide you about how to buy one;

  1. It is best that you know about the skin type you have before buying a face wash. If you have an oily skin then you have to buy a face wash that actually says on the bottle that it is specifically for people who have oily skin. These are the people that need a face wash, that dries their skin and fights the oil before it comes out.
  2. If you have dry skin, then it is best that you buy a kind of face wash that when you wash your face, it leaves an oily and soft sensation. Because there are different people whose skins are so dry that even show patches of dryness and it can cause the skin to become dead sooner and the skin keeps coming off like dandruff.
  3. If you have a sensitive skin, then you need a kind of face wash that has a lot of useful minerals and vitamins that is best for your skin and that also will not leave any kind of allergy or cause a reaction.
  4. If have a combination of two skins like you have dry and sensitive skin or you have oily and sensitive skin then it is best that you ask the store manager or better yet ask the skin specialist or the dermatologist.