Safe Welding Practices – How to Use a Welding Machine Safely?

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Safe Welding Practices - How to Use a Welding Machine Safely?

Welding machine operators and welding shop managers are constantly exposed to several dangerous welding situations. They need to know about the basic welding procedures and learn how to deal with them properly. This would not only give them more confidence while handling welding equipment but also would ensure their health and safety. The following are some of the common welding accidents that happen around the world regularly. You must learn about them so that you can avoid these problems from happening to you or your employees while operating welding machine in UAE. Following these safety tips would ensure the workers’ safety in the workplace.

A: One of the most common mistakes that welders make is to work with uneven or poor current settings. To avoid this problem, operators must turn the machine off and unplug it instead of switching to manual mode and starting the arc. For shielding, they should first eliminate the fast-moving fast-plugged metal arc joints with the help of welding tongs, switch to manual mode and then make sure the arc is on and going straight to prevent short-circuit or fire accidents. In addition, operators must see to it that good contact is maintained between the torch and the workpiece to avoid the chance of spark plug leakage.

B: Another common cause of welding machine accidents happens when improper welding current is used. During the process of welding, both the arc and the welding current are generated by the machine. If the current is too strong, the arc may hit the worker or the machine and create sparks that may go up to the machine and other things located nearby. To avoid such welding machine accidents, operators must carefully check the welding current to avoid the possibility of overshooting the current setting and creating a hot air explosion.

C: In some cases, the arc produced by the welding equipment is not going as expected. Sometimes, the arc doesn’t seem to be going straight and intense enough; this leads to incomplete welds. This may also occur if you are using the wrong welding equipment. To prevent such a situation, operators should follow all the necessary instructions in the manual for safe and reliable operation.

D: Finally, the operator must maintain good contact with their workpiece. Maintain good contact with your workpiece so that you may get excellent welds. Make sure you always pay close attention to the position of the arc and how much current is supplied to the arc. If necessary, disconnect the arc from its power supply and allow the current to flow freely to the workpiece.